Friday, 1 April 2016

Evaluation Part 1 - Brief

The brief my group and I were given was to create a title sequence with an opening scene that has copyright free sounds. We were given the choice to create any fictional plot for the title sequence along with any genre that my group and I wanted to choose. We decided to choose a Spy genre, which is a subgenre of Action. This meant that we must look at codes and conventions of the Spy/Action genre meaning our title sequence may feature guns and chase/fight scenes.

The start of the title sequence introduces the British iconography with the British flag and the houses of parliament. The beginning of the title sequence shows Agent X trading a top-secret briefcase about his case with his ex fellow agent. Throughout the title sequence we see Morgan Freeman the antagonist get frustrated as he fails to find Agent X. The opening scene is a short chase scene where Agent X gets found but does manage to escape.

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