Sunday, 13 March 2016

Journal 11 - Re-filming the Establishing Shots

Today my group and I went to Central London to re-film the establishing shots and the briefcase exchange shots.  Adam and I both took turns to film the shots and I filmed the shots of the Parliament House, the British Flag, the time lapse shot and the brief case exchange shot was filmed by me. Adam filmed the tilt up shot of the MI6 building and the CCTV shot of Agent X. Some of the pictures of us filming can be seen below.

Some of the shots were taken in different places as before and we decided to add a shot of the British flag to show this is a British film and its also iconic. We had to film the time lapse shot in another location as there was a event at trafalgar square so we filmed the time lapse shot slightly away from there. In our first edit people didn't notice that Agent X walked by in the time lapse shot, this time I placed the camera in the right spot so Agent X can be seen clearly and I will edit the shot to slow down when Agent X is on screen and then pick up speed when he is off the screen.

While we were in London we decided to film our opening scene which we planned as a chase scene. In this opening scene I play the Antagonist (Morgan Freeman) and I spot James who plays the Protagonist (Agent X). I then chase him down the stairs into a car park. This scene will be completed at another car park as we couldn't film at the car park in London. The opening scene shots were filmed by Adam.

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