Friday, 11 March 2016

Questionnaire For Typography

I decided to create a questionnaire for the typography just so I can see what fonts we may need to look out for. This questionnaire was not conducted as a group, because I am the main editor I conducted this questionnaire so that I can see what typography and fonts my group and I can use for the Final Title Sequence. I used the fonts we found before and asked various people in my school which font they prefer for a Spy/Action Film Genre.

5/11 people preferred Neuropol and 4/11 People preferred Xperia, whereas only 2 people preferred Breamcatcher. This questionnaire will now help me decide want font my group and I may want to use and it will also help me decide what type of design I should look out for when picking the typography. The results in this questionnaire doesn't confirm that we will be using this font, it just helps us choose a font or find similar and better fonts.

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