Friday, 18 March 2016

Journal 17 - Completing the Editing

Yesterday, James and I completed the Final Edit for our title sequence and I will soon upload it on YouTube and as a post on Blogger. James gave his views and opinions as well as advice on how I can improve the editing as its always great to have a second opinion. I have done the time lapse edit, slow motion edits and I have also added colour filters which I created myself along with a CCTV filter which was pre-made by Final Cut Pro X. Then last part was to add the Typography with the fonts we chose and then add the soundtrack for the Chase scene and Voiceover for the chase scene where i say "I found the target". Our teacher wanted us to re-film the desk shots but we explained to her that we tried and it looked very bad as the camera was shaky, she then said it will be fine to add a filter and to add slow motion and a black and white filter in the tear down scene. Thats why I decided to add dark filters and to slow the tear down scene to add a more dramatic effect.

I will now export the Title sequence and soon upload it on YouTube.

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