Friday, 4 March 2016

Journal 7- First Edit Completed

I have finished the first edit for our title sequence and I will soon upload this first edit on YouTube and on this blog. We still have some more improvements to be made in our final edit such as re-filming some of the shots and establishing shots and we need to chose a new font for the title and text along with a new soundtrack that suits the genre better. We have put this first edit on a USB and presented it to my class. The class will give us feedback which will hopefully give more ideas and help for improving our title sequence and to create the final edit. We also made a very big mistake i he first edit, I played two characters in the title sequence which made things very confusing for the audience. My group and I decided that either Thomas or Adam will play the role of Michael Caine at the start of the title sequence. I will be refilling most of these scenes as I am the main cinematographer and therefore I need to make sure that the video quality is perfect as well as the smoothness of the camera, but most important I need to make sure the tripod is level and not slanted.

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