Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Action/Spy Typography

I have been looking at various Spy and Actions films and I have looked at the fonts they used in Title Sequences as well as in Posters of their films. This should help us decide a font when it comes to choosing on for our Title Sequence for "Agent X". Below are some of the images of Fonts and Typography I have found in various Spy and Action genre films.

James Bond Franchise Typography:

The modern James Bond films use very simple sans serif fonts which are either bold or thin. The thin sans serif fonts are used for the cast names in Title Sequences and the bold sans serif fonts are used for the film name title in Posters and the Title Sequences. The older James Bond Films such as GoldenEye (1995, Martin Campbell) used a Serif Font in a Gold and Red Gradient colour. For my groups title sequence "Agent X" we may decide to use sans serif fonts in just plain simple colours such as White as it looks more modern and suits our target audience.

Bourne Identity Poster Typography:

Bourne Identity also has a plain white sans serif font which is bold for the title and thin for everything else. This shows that my group and I should consider using white sans serif fonts for our title sequence as well, because the Modern James Bond films do this as well.

Mission Impossible Franchise Typography:

Mission Impossible franchise also uses Sans Serif Fonts which are in the colour white, Mission Impossible also added a black shadow effect on the background of the fonts to give a 3D look and make the fonts stand out even more.

Gathering these resources and conducting this research as helped me realise what font we need to look for in our Title Sequences. I feel we should look for white sans serif fonts as it looks very classy and high quality as well as being modern. This will help achieve interest from our target audience (British Males ages 18-29) as they are young and modern.

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