Monday, 1 February 2016

Our Title Sequence Idea

My group and I have furnished the main story and ideas behind our title sequence for our film. We have created a brief narrative for our film "Agent X", depending on our genre, we have also looked at the cast of the main characters as well as the director. We have chosen Paul Greengrass as the director as we feel he is best suited to direct this genre as he has directed similar films like Bourne Supremacy (2004, Paul Greengrass). We also looked at the budget of our film and we have compared it to various other films that have a similar genre to ours, films such as Bourne Identity (2002, Doug Liman) and Bourne Supremacy (2004, Paul Greengrass). This is all mentioned on our Pitch which was done as a powerpoint presentation.

Our title sequence will start with the introduction of the main characters, Josh Bowman and Michael Caine but no faces can be seen in the title sequence and this gives the mystery of who the spy is to the audience. The title sequence will then show various establishing shots in pans, time lapses and long shots, this will introduce the film to the audience as well as tell the audience where the film is set. It will feature big London landmarks such as Big Ben and Parliament House and it will mainly feature the MI6 Building which shows the audience that this is a british spy film. After the establishing shots the title sequence will show close up shots of various props which introduces the background story of the film and helps the audience understand briefly what the film will be about. The title sequence mainly consist of close up shots and establishing shots instead of shots which show the characters but this may change as we develop the title sequence further and when we start creating it, we may add more shots.

Throughout this title sequence the audience will see the basic storyline to this film and they will understand the characters briefly and the roles they play in the film, Agent X (Josh Bowman) as a protagonist and Morgan Freeman as the antagonist. It will shows how the characters are linked and will show what the film is about.

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