Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spy Genre - Tittle Sequence Idea Brainstorm

My group and I have created a brainstorm of the genre we chose for our title sequence. We chose the spy genre which is a sub genre of action. We looked at ideas of the narratives and the what the name of the film may be. We have decide that the film will be about a MI6 Spy that has been framed for killing a fellow Agent, the head of MI6 framed the Spy and now wants him arrested. The spy who was framed is now on the run from the people he works for, and he is on the search of clearing his name. We have decided that we will call the film "Agent X" and now we will plan the narrative more in depth and plan how and what we will do for the actual title sequence.

We feel we can use many props, costumes and shots for a British spy film such as Guns, secret files, formal clothes - Suits and establishing shots of London.

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