Friday, 29 January 2016

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011, Brad Bird) Title Sequence Analysis

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011, Brad Bird) Title Sequence Analysis

Spy Genre Analysis for My Title Sequence

The title sequence starts off with the main star Tom Cruise lighting a fuse with the very iconic Mission Impossible theme tune starting in the background. The titles throughout the sequence appear as the audience move along the fuse, the typography used is a Sans Serif font in the colour white. The "Mission Impossible" text is in a fiery font hinting the theme of action. The "Ghost Protocol" font is very misty and a faded grey giving the audience the feel of a ghost or something quite mysterious. The title sequence shows the Production Company and Producers first, then it goes into the title of the film and the rest of the casts. The font for the title of the film is different to the others, it is much bolder and more attractive to the audience to make sure that they read the name of the film. 

The title sequence is put together in a montage of scenes throughout the film, giving the audience an idea of what this film is about and what genre it is, which is of course Action/Spy. The audience also sees this with the props used in the title sequence such as the fuse which is lit (symbolising an explosion), Missiles, Guns/Bullets and even fast sports cars. There are various camera scenes and angles such as close ups, long shots and cinematic/establishing shots.

The title sequence overall build up pace very quickly along with the soundtrack, creating more suspense. The soundtrack is well synchronised with the text, such as sudden increase in sound when the title appears.

I like this title sequence as its easily recognisable what the genre is and it shows what the film is about and some of the great scenes you may see throughout the film, its almost as if its a trailer which sort of bends the title sequence rules as its not meant to be seen as a trailer, this was avoided in Mission Impossible as it doesn't tell the audience what the film is fully about, it just gives hints of what its about.

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