Wednesday, 20 January 2016

"North by Northwest" (1959, Alfred Hitchcock) Old Spy Film Title Sequence Anlaysis

"North by Northwest" (1959, Alfred Hitchcock) Title Sequence by Saul Bass.

Spy Genre Analysis for My Title Sequence

North By Northwest is a famous film and portrayed as a great film as well. Its an action thriller film by the famous director Alfred Hitchcock.

The title sequence starts off with a green background with blue animated lines crossing the screen. This looks visually abstract and interesting and attracts the audiences attention. The suspense soundtrack in the background also builds up and it catches the ears of the attention as well as the audiences eyes as its synchronised with the scenes and the text.

The text used was Sans Serif and it was a big and bold font in a white colour. The text stands out and Saul Bass done this so the audience actually read the text. The text was also centred so its the main part of the title sequence. It also slides on the screen instead of just appearing. This makes the title sequence look more interesting and unique instead of being bland. The text was slanted along side the lines to give an effect of a wall.

The background also slowly transitions and fades into a video of a side of a building. The patterns was actually windows on a side of a building. This also looks interesting instead of just having a plain green colour in the background with lines going across it.

The title sequence mentions the title of the film, the director at the start and end and also mentions all the other main cast members. The title sequence is also continuous as it continues straight in the film as it isn't transitioned off or has a scene change.

I like this title sequence as its simple but also look very interesting and has the main feature of a title sequence. Which is mentioning the main cast members.

By Ghanshyam Shiyani

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