Friday, 15 January 2016

Love Actually (2003, Richard Curtis) Title Sequence/Opening Scene Analysis

Love Actually (2003, Richard Curtis) Title Sequence/Opening Scene Analysis

Love actually title sequence is a very unique title sequence. It doesn't have all the features that you would see most title sequences having.

There wasn't many editing in this title sequence. There was only a couple of texts used throughout the whole title sequence. This text was just the production company, the distribution company, the association company at the start and at the end was the title, no stars or any other cast members were mentioned. This was done so the audience don't get distracted by the names and so they actually listen to the dialogue said in the background, that way the audience can understand the message for the film.

The text was small and not very bold either. The colour of the text was very bland and white and the font used was sans serif, which again is a very simplistic font. One part of the text which was "love" was in red which was used to symbolise love and it tells the audience that this gene is romance. The text was also edited in a way that it doesn't just appear on the screen. It fades on and off the screen.

It was also created like a montage which quick cuts of various scenes and shots showing the love in Heathrow airport. There were no transitions between the scenes, it just had scenes cut in. The scenes were also slowed down a bit to add an effect of love being shown. This lets the audience consume the content more in depth and truly see what this film may be about.

The cinematography was also very simplistic. There wasn't many camera positions and angles at all. Most of the shots were all mid shots. The opening scene/title sequence shows scenes of people meeting family, friends and loved ones at Heathrow Airport. all the shots used in the title sequence symbolised love.

There was a diegetic voiceover on the top of the scenes to introduce the viewers into the film and tell them a rough idea of what it may be about and it tells the audience about the romance genre of the film. The film is also a comedy but that isn't shown in the title sequence, all that is shown is the romance. There was also a non diegetic soundtrack in the background to make the opening sequence more interesting instead of it being bland.

Personally I don't like this title sequence as it doesn't have many features most title sequences should have such as the stars and the cast names. The opening scene also didn't have many texts and it didn't have any filter or effects. This title sequence could have been made more interesting instead of this simplistic look that the editors decided to go with.

By Ghanshyam Shiyani

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