Thursday, 14 January 2016

Comparing Independent and Mainstream Title Sequences in the Spy Genre

Independent Spy/Action Genre Titles Sequence

The Raid: Redemption (2011, Gareth Evans) Production Companies involved in this film were Merantau Films, Celluloid Dreams and XYZ Films.

Legend (2015, Brian Helgeland) The main Production Company involved in this film was Working Title Films.

I have seen both these acton films and they don't have an actual title sequence which mentions the cast and and the actors, it only says the main production company and the title of the film. This tells me independent films do not concentrate on creating title sequences as they try to attract their audience mainly from word of mouth and just show the film, they don't have interest in making the start of the film interesting for the audience, they want to overall make the film interesting and appealing rather then the title sequence and the credits.

Mainstream Blockbuster Spy/Action Title Sequence

Spectre (2015, Sam Mendes), The main Production Companies involved in this film were Columbia Picture, Eon Productions, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Sony.

The above title sequence is from Spectre, it has Non-Diegetic sound which is very well synchronised with the scenes and the text. It also has various cinematic and shots making it look very high quality along with CGI such as the octopus. This instantly makes the film appealing and tells me that my film "Agent X" and its title sequence must be by a Mainstream Blockbuster Company as it must appeal the audience and look very high quality.

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