Thursday, 7 January 2016

Continuity Sequence - Media Studies

In this video my group and I were given a task to create a short continuity sequence. My group consisted of James Covill (the director), Adam Hawkins (cinematography/Cameraman), Thomas Sibley (Actor) and Ghanshyam Shiyani (Actor).

I edited the video shown above. I used Final Cut Pro X to edit the footage and to create this final piece for the continuity sequence. I added an introduction to the start with a ready made template on Final Cut Pro. I then imported the footages into final cut pro and joined them together with the blade and crop tool to make this short scene run smoothly and look more synchronized. I then added a dark colourless filter to give a more of a serious look to the scene and I also added a royalty free non-diegetic soundtrack in the background to build suspense and add that extra bit of drama in the scene. To make the sequence look more like an actual movie or TV show I also cropped the top and bottom of the video to give a cinematic scale and look. I also added text at the start introducing the cast and crew.

In the future we can improve on work like this by having better shots and working with camera better to get high quality videos instead of poor out of focus videos which occurred in some of our shots. We can also learn more about editing and even add transitions in between scenes.

Overall I think that this sequence was well created and edited well, considering it was my groups first project with creating an actual piece of work with footage on Final Cut Pro. However, we can still improve and learn as we move into creating our title sequence.

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