Saturday, 16 January 2016

Insidious (2010, James Wan) Title Sequence Analysis (Horror)

Insidious (2010, James Wan) Title Sequence Analysis

The cinematography in the title sequence are close ups and long shots of scary objects such as dolls and an alley way. The shots also have a black and white filter to give an eery feel to the audience and immediately you realise this is a horror film. There are many shots and they all have this black and white filter which can also give the audience the feel of an old film or even the idea that its night and there may be ghosts.

The lighting is very low on the shots, again to give a creepy and scary feel. They also used props like a grandfather clock and a photo of a family, all iconic pops in some horror films. The soundtrack used is a scary soundtrack again to relate to the genre of the film. The soundtrack suddenly starts to increase in volume giving a scary feel to the audience and then it suddenly stops which gives another scary feel of whats going to happen. The title sequence constantly puts the audience on the edge of their seats.

The typography is very sharpe and serif fonts in the colour red to symbolise blood and evil. The text also fades in and away like smoke symbolising a ghost. The transitions are simple and they are combined with the other shots. All the shots are very quick and cut together giving the audience a hint of what the film is about and that its mainly around a house and a little boys bedroom. I like this title sequence as it suits the genre very well along with all four of the elements.

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