Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Favourite Title Sequence Analysis

My favourite title sequence is the title sequence from Marvel's Daredevil TV Series (2015- Drew Goddard).

This whole title sequence is made from CGI and is very well detailed and in very high quality. Throughout this title sequence there are various cinematics, some close ups and some long shots which pan and move on a dolly track, of course these were not really filmed with a camera, these cinematics were all done with CGI. The title sequence has a non-diegetic soundtrack playing in the background and it is very well synchronised with the text and the actual visuals itself. The soundtrack has a lot of suspense and even has heartbeats which link to the storyline of blood and the devil. This shows the audience what genre this TV Show is and that it is an Action Film with a lot of blood as the whole title sequence consists of blood pouring and dripping on certain objects such as sculptures and the Daredevil Helmet. The blood also pours on various landmarks in New York and this represents the establishing shots of the TV Shows and where it is set. It even shows the religious sides of the TV Series with a CGI scene of a Church. This title sequence doesn't have any cast credits and it just has a title, so it breaks most codes and conventions of title sequences as it doesn't actually show the actor names and other casts. The title appears on the screen in a drip transition like blood and its also in the colour of dark red like blood, just like the whole title sequence. Its a little hard to see the text as its the same colour as the background but the text does have a dark shadow to it, so it stand out.

I really like this title sequence as it looks very interesting and it really tells a brief of what this TV Show is about and what genre it is.

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