Wednesday, 13 January 2016

General Title Sequence Conventions

The reasons for a title sequence

Title sequences appear at the start of a film. It sets up the mood of a film and also informs the audience what the title of the film is and the people who star in it. It shows the important members involved in the production of the film. Some title sequences also establish the setting of the film and the genre of the film. Title sequences can also show the audience the basic narrative of a film and what it is about but it also foreshadows what is going to happen in the film which leaves the audience more intrigued to carry on watching the film. Title sequences have many traits and conventions which are usually followed in other films. 

Title sequences first start with the names of the production company's. It then usually says the directors name and thirdly it says the title of the film. After the title the main stars are credited and then the other main cast members. The title sequence then finishes of with the producer and the director once again at the end.

1st - Production Company
2nd - Director
3rd - Title
4th - Main Stars
5th - Main other cast members (Editors, cinematography etc)
6th - Director

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