Friday, 15 January 2016

Dial 'M' for Murder (1954, Alfred Hitchcock) Title Sequence Analysis

Dial 'M' for Murder (1954, Alfred Hitchcock) Opening Scene/Title Sequence Analysis

The title sequence in Dial 'M' for Murder was a very simplistic title sequence mainly because of the year it was out, 1954 which had fairly simple title sequences. The text was a serif font with a scratchy and gothic look. The font was a shade of yellow and also had a shadow on the back of it to make it stand out more and give a 3D look. The text was also big and bold as well as being centred in the middle to make sure the audience look at it and read the text.

The title sequence had a telephone as a prop in the video, the telephone links with the name of the film called 'Dial 'M' for Murder'. There was no actual main cinematography throughout this opening scene. The scenes throughout this title sequence were just a long shot image and a close up image, here was no actual video.

The title sequence also had a soundtrack in the background to make it look and sound better instead of just text fading on and off a screen.

I like this title sequence as its simple but it also looks good and has the main feature of a title sequence, which is to feature all the main cast and the title of the film. I like the large and bold text which really stand out, most title sequences have small text therefore this one stand out more.

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