Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Working Title - Groundhog Day Title Sequence Remake

Working Titles - Groundhog Day (1993, Harold Ramis) Title Sequence Remake

My group and i made these images on Adobe photoshop. It shows the main parts a title sequence must have. Such as the start of a title sequence usually has the name of the production company, in this case its "Working Title". Groundhog Day is about a weatherman so I used a light blue colour to relate to the sky and the weather.

The second part of a title sequence is usually the directors name and the title of the film. As you can see this title sequence was rather like a Saul Bass style, as I was inspired by the work of Saul Bass when making this title sequence. I used a silhouette of Pennsylvania as the original Groundhog Day film was set in Pennsylvania. I centred the main title so the audience reads the name of the film and concentrates mainly on that.

Title sequences then usually mentions the main stars of the film. I used a bright white and bold font to represent a cloud with the sky blue background. I then also added a silhouette of the stars mentioned again inspired in a Saul Bass Style. 

I then mentioned the other extra credits to other main cast members. I also added images related the the role the person played in the film or related to the film itself such as the image of the groundhog animal. The bright bold Sans serif text really stands out and makes sure the audience looks at it and the images also relate to the text or the film so the audience know what the text is about or what the film is about.

At the end I again mentioned the Director as most title sequence mention the Director twice, once at the start and once at the end. I stuck with this traditional layout of a title sequence and followed the main features title sequences have. I centred the text in the middle so the audience look straight at it and read it.

By Ghanshyam Shiyani

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