Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Quantum of Solace (2008, Marc Forster) Title Sequence Analysis

Spy Genre Title Sequences Analysis

Quantum of Solace (2008, Marc Forster) Spy Film Title Sequence Analysis

The title sequence didn't have any camera shots at all. Like most James Bond title sequences it was all created with CGI  that worked around some shots of the actor Daniel Craig himself. It was created with CGI so the setting can be created virtually in any way the producers wanted it to look.

It was also made as silhouettes which gives the mystery of who the character/spy is and what he looks like. The text was small and simple sans serif text in the colour white, this shows the text isn't the main part of this title sequence and they want the audience to watch the title sequence mainly instead of reading the text.

The colours were all very red and black giving a dark and mysterious look and also makes the audience curious about whats happening in the scenes. The audience knows its an action film as there were shots of guns and knives which shots the film will have fight scenes.

The scenes started off in a slow pace with the music, but as the pace in the music builds up the speeds in the video build up and scenes change quickly. The scenes were well synchronised with the music as when the soundtrack pauses the scenes change.

I like this title sequence but I feel its very long as it mentions many cast names throughout the sequence. Its also very simplistic and all CGI which doesn't always appeal the audience.

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