Thursday, 14 January 2016

Analysis of Contemporary Title Sequence and Older Title Sequences

The title sequence below is by Saul Bass and an old title sequence from the film Vertigo (1958, Alfred Hitchcock).

 This title sequence below is a more modern and contemporary title sequence from the film Se7en (1995, David Fincher)

The font used in Vertigo was serif where as in Se7en it was a sans serif hand drawn type of font to give a horror look and feel. The font fades on the screen and also slides on the screen at slow speeds in Vertigo which looked simplistic however in Se7en it sometimes fades on and also appears on instantly with a eery movement, this hints to the audience the horror/thriller genre.

Vertigo mainly had patterns in the title sequence during the end instead of having all shots like Se7en. The text also appeared in many numbers during the end whereas Se7en displayed the text one by one on black background and white fonts so that they stand out. Vertigo also had black backgrounds and white fonts to make the text visible, but Vertigo also had so many names on one scene.

The shots in Vertigo were mainly close ups just like the shots in Se7en, closes ups give a more detail which tells the audience again that the film is a thriller/horror. The soundtrack in both also suit the genre and it makes the audience enjoy the title sequence a little bit more instead of it being bland with  no sound. The sound was synchronised with the text in Vertigo, when the text appears the soundtrack has a sudden beat and increase in volume, giving emphasis to the text and to attract the audiences attention.

I prefer Se7en as it had more shots than vertigo and also a unique font instead of a simple serif font. Vertigo was very simplistically done with transitions and serif fonts along with patterns in the background. Se7en also had strange movements with the text making it look scary and had close ups shots put together like a montage and it told the background story of what the film maybe about.

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