Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Casino Royale (2006) and Casino Royale (1967) Title Sequence Analysis

Below this the Title Sequence for Casino Royale (2006, Martin Campbell)

Below this is the title sequence for the old Casino Royale (1967, John HustonVal GuestRobert ParrishKen HughesJoseph McGrath & Richard Talmadge)

Spy Genre Analysis for My Title Sequence
Casino Royale (2006) was all very mainly done in CGI with some actual shots mixed into it, such as at the end when the character changes from silhouette to real and back to silhouette to give that mystery of who is the Spy. The font used was very simplistic sans serif in white and the first text shown was of Production companies and the stars and cast. The director was last to appear. The text at the start was centred so the audiences reads the main big names but after that the text was all placed around the sides and the faded on and off the screen. The title sequence had a soundtrack in the background which was very well synchronised with the video, such as when the gun was fired there was a drum beat with the music to give the effect of an explosion and show the audience this will be an action film.

Casino Royale (1967) had some shots within the animation and the texts. The shots also had filters on it giving it an interesting look. The whole title sequence was all text with one large first letter in Gold and the rest in  small serif fonts in the colour blue. The text fades on but then cuts off to the next text so it isn't very smooth and considering it was made around 1967 where most title sequences were just images, this is a pretty nice and simplistic title sequence with some shots of the stars and scenes from the film. The text during the end appears with the music and its very well linked together with the soundtrack in the background. The soundtrack gives a comedy feel to the film and it tells the audience this may actually be a comedy film. This title sequence doesn't giveaway much and its very boring to watch compared to modern title sequences.

I personally prefer the Casino Royale (2006) title sequence as it isn't just text, its more interesting to watch and its more likely to influence me to watch the whole film whereas with Casino Royale (1967) it was just text will some small shots on it, it wasn't very appealing compared to modern title sequences and therefore if I saw it on a film, I would most probably not watch that whole film.

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