Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Incredible Hulk (2008, Louis Leterrier)

The Incredible Hulk (2008, Louis Leterrier) - Title Sequence Analysis

The colours used on the text were green and bold with a black background making it stand out more. The green colour relates with the film as Hulk is green and famously known for the colour green. The text was also all entered in the middle to make sure that the audience looks at it. The text faded on the screen and also drifting away towards the audience watching, making it feel 3D and more realistic.

Editing very well synchronised with the music such as the cuts with the scenes, makes the title sequence more visually appealing to watch.

The scenes were edited in quick cuts and sort of like a montage giving a quick basic outline of what the film is about. It tries to attract the audience by showing the best scenes quickly and makes the audience want to watch the whole film to see what actually happened at that scene.

The first few scenes were edited at very high contrast and brightness, this is telling the audience that its like a flashback and tells the audience the background story before the film starts.

Newspapers, x-ray scans, pictures of incidents occurred and guns all used to tell the basics of the background story for the movie and it tries to interest them into watching the film. The guns tells the audience its got action scenes in the film and the newspapers and pictures tells the audience it also has a storyline behind it.

First person scene so the audience sees what the Hulk is seeing, makes the audience feel like they are Hulk and gets them more involved and grabs the audiences attention.

Scenes of action in the title sequence to show the audience that the film will be full of action and it will be interesting.

Pleonastic sound was used in this title sequence with the loud crashes, button clicks and rip of the shirt. It is used to interact with the audience and gives a sense of realism.

There was a Soundtrack in the background to build suspense and even sound effects to go with the editing such as "swooshing" sounds when the scene changes or when the text appears and goes. This make it sound more interesting and realistic, it improves the way the title sequence is consumed by the audience.

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