Friday, 5 February 2016

Journal 1 for Title Sequence

Today my group and I created an investigation wall as a prop for our title sequence. I created the props on photoshop or used images which I edited and got from the internet. I created two front pages of a newspaper which will be used as a prop in the title sequence and I also created a wanted picture for the main actor Josh Bowman in our title sequence.

The investigation wall we created can be seen in the images below. We printed off images which link with the film as well as locations such as map of London and tube maps. We created the investigation wall on our classroom board on our teachers wall.

This is what our investigation wall looks like and it will be used in our title sequence. We will turn the lights off and use some studio lights to create a dark mysterious look and we will take some shots of this scene so we can use it on our title sequence. We have taken some test shots on a GoPro which will be seen in my next post, we will then take the actual shot that we will use in the title sequence. We took the test shots with various equipments such as a steady cam, GoPro headstrap and we tested with lighting.

The blue borders around the board will be removed when it comes to shooting as that isn't meant to be included in the props.

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