Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Journal 3 - Filming the establishing shots

16th February 2016,

Today Thomas, James and I went to London to film our opening establishing shots for the start of the title sequence, specifically we were at Albert Embankment, House of Parliament and Trafalgar Square. We filmed at these various places in London as planned and the shots were filmed in the way we wanted to film it. We had one issue today which was the tripod was slightly broken and therefore not all the shots came out that great and they were slightly slanted, hopefully this issue can be fixed when I edit the shots. My group and I are planning on reshooting some of the London shots. The weather was nice on the day and we need to make sure that it is similar when we reshoot. I was the main Cinematographer which filmed most the shots but when I needed to act in a scene the shots were then filmed by Thomas another member in our group.

The day went really well but some of the shots came out very bad quality due to the faulty tripod, therefore we may soon plan to reshoot the scenes in London with a new tripod.

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