Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Plan for Title Sequence

My group and I group have created the narrative and what the shots will look like along with the continuity of it.

The start of the sequence will show British landmarks which will act as iconography and then there will be a slight faster pace of shots with close ups inspired by Se7en.

The sequence introduces the characters and their roles in the film. It doesn't show its fully clear as the title sequence isn't meant to show the whole plot of the film, its meant to be very vague.

The sequence will overall show Michael Caine (The Protagonist) helping Agent X while Morgan Freeman (The Antagonist) tries to catch Agent X and imprison him, even though Agent X was framed by Morgan Freeman.

Throughout the title sequence we see Morgan Freeman slowly start to find Agent X but the audience realises at the end that he is failing to capture Agent X.

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